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Tonechaser - Understanding Edward: My 26-Year Journey with Edward Van Halen is a hardback book published in 2022 and written by author Steve Rosen.


The book is a 7"x10" format with 580 pages of text and eight pages of both color and black- and-white photos. The front and back covers are never-seen-before photos by legendary Van Halen photographer Neil Zlozower—different imagery used for both the (sold out) first edition and brand new second edition.


Rosen, a rock journalist for nearly 50 years, first met Edward in 1977 and had a friendship with him that lasted until 2003. Tonechaser chronicles that relationship and describes in poignant and heartfelt detail what it felt like to be friends with the greatest guitar player in the universe. 

Rosen spent time with Edward up at 5150 as well as his own quaint guesthouse in the Hollywood Hills where the guitarist would simply show up on his front doorstep from time to time. The author even jammed with the legendary instrumentalist on more than one occasion as astounding as that may sound.


Rosen writes in beautifully-rendered prose, which is simultaneously touching, funny and somber. Steve shared a relationship with Van Halen no other writer ever experienced and hence, Tonechaser brings to the fore a portrait of the guitar player never before described. The 580 pages read like a novel and in Rosen's words represents what he has described as a "modern fable.”


Indeed, the tale of a brilliant musician meeting up and becoming fast friends with a rock journalist seems implausible but it did happen. Rosen took 14 months to write and craft Tonechaser and that devotion and care is revealed on every page.


If you love Edward Van Halen, you will be mesmerized and transported by Tonechaser - Understanding Edward: My 26-Year Journey with Edward Van Halen. 

TONECHASER (Third Edition)

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